RueBelle is a collection of Jewelry & Accessories that embodies the natural chic of the island of Maui and the city jungle love of Paris.
Always truthful to the original v i s i o n

 Aloha Atelier

Our place of creation      expansive landscape      native plants      sparkling sunshine
miles of ocean      soft winds      pure natural light


Our philosophy in the making of each piece of RueBelle jewelry has always been one of the original vision and a beauty that will be constantly surrounding us. We have chosen to work deep in the jungle making sure that every element of true Hawaii is part of our every day work and putting this into every piece we produce.
This in turn we share with you and the world, the spirit of Aloha.


We came from deep in the jungle
we came from the city of Paris
we have come together and created a mix of love
from Maui, natural flower child
from Paris, urban chic
Bella & Rudy


Also known as the originator of the Silk Flower Earring.
They spoke of travel, oceans, poetry and expression…

Bella rosa resta 

Flower offerings, the color gold, native palms, moon rise, Naruda, sandal wood tree, albino peacocks, vintage lace, late nights, picking gardenias, clear crystals, innervision, fire opals, kimono, sharing food, museum with my daughter, names of the wind, mother stories, cote du rhone, straight rainbows, conversation with an orchids, serge, eating ferns, true light, mystical trails.

bella mom



rudy castorina 

Being part of the ocean, lines of perfection, cherry tomatoes, the Pacific, long kisses, sparks, sounds, bass, composition, the elders, constant discovery, kale, prosciutto, boxes of vinyl, travel, family, serenade, new ventures, waves, next generations.