Country road take me home

Sweet air, blossoming linden trees, afternoon thunderstorms, and the smell of pine.
RueBelle’s Alexis(a part of the RueBelle family for over a decade) takes a trip back to her hometown, Eldora, Colorado
bringing with her  RueBelle  pieces 
to where the wood is stained by sunbeams and the breeze is ever so light..

Truly a family cabin, the home beams with love and tenderness.  A place where they would soak in the nature,
share stories, home cooked meals, and laughs that lasted weekends.
This is the cabin that defines the beautiful meaning of family.

 | Vintage Charm & Sleeping Beauty Turquoise drop earrings |

 | Fire Opal, Rainbow Moonstone Drop and Mother of Pearl Talon Necklace |

The pine cabin was once the two-block mining town’s only grocery store from the early 1900s.  Each antique
and collectible holds the warmest memories.  Even the old glass bottles were unearthed just outside.  Each piece has
its place and carries significance, from the piano they played to the handed down civil war map.
Everything has been passed down from generation to generation reminding the family of where they came from,
and the values of giving, sharing and togetherness.

 | Blue Opal Necklace |

 | Jasper & Rainbow Moonstone Stretch Bracelet |

These nights around the wood burning stove, Jimi Hendrix and a light toke….

 | Opal, Amazonite, Chrysoprase & Rainbow Moonstone Necklace |

Alexis Vitale

Eldora, Colorado