HaBebe KarenBE x Hawaiiana Exotica

In our influencer series we spotlight unique individuals who inspire us and stay true to our original v i s i o n.
We invited musican and artist Habebe KarenBE to spend a moment at the Aloha Atelier creating art for the Hawaiiana Exotica collection


Working in the RueBelle Aloha Atelier was SUUUUUPER fun!!  So much color, light, inspiration and all the love and Aloha that fills the space,
from Bella and from all of the beautiful Wahine who pour sunshine and soul into the already glowing gems and silk flowers.


I brought paints, magazines and books to collage and I just let it flow organically with the prints that Bella and Rudy provided me of the sultry Jordan.
I wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the jewels, the model and the LIGHT that is RueBelle.
It started with a Pau Hana(Hawaiian for after work drink).  I guess real life begins with a celebration and from this communal rejoicing and
enjoyment, everything else beautiful just happens.  Crystals, Turquoise, Anuenue vibes always.  The music ranged from Retro soul to|
hip hop to dance to Connan Mockasin to baroque classique, a little bit of all we fancy, something familiar with something freaky fresh.
The lines blur.  It makes a portal to the new.


          As creators, I think we channel the frequencies we love.  Love is ancient, maybe the most ancient vibration.  The ways we express our love is how it
stays so fresh.  Love is the inspiration the light the everything that motivates me, and  I know RueBelle as well.  It’s a pureness of heart.
Instead of trying to make something, we arrange and produce what we love in ways that become the new.
I just wanted to light up the creations and vision of RueBelle and make something that expresses
my individual love for the people behind the jewels, the gemstone love.
It is individuals that make a collective.  When the love is strong in each individual, the collective LOVE shines soooooooo magnificent.


 Bella is an amazing inspiration herself.
As a collector, as a designer, as a human, as a woman, mother, sister, soul…starchild..lover of the arts and words and music and dance and food…
 I am in love with everything Bella creates.
The flower crowns always make my heart beat extra special and the turquoise pieces resonate so deep in my heart.
In Syria, turquoise is called “Fairouz”, which is also the name of my favorite Arabic singer.  Fairouz is a stone of protection and love.
When babies are born, they are adorned with 22k and turquoise, even just a little piece, to protect and guide these pure fresh bodies and souls on Earth.


 So simple really.  I am so honored and grateful for the opportunity to share my love with, for and through RueBelle.
Mahalo NUI LOA!!!!!   Aloha Akbar!!!
BIGUPs to all of you (us) for having pure open hearts, super sparkling minds and such beautiful inspiring bodies to make it all come together to be the
reality that is RueBelle.  So much love to you all.  Thank you again for all of your amazingness.  Let’s do it again!!! and again and again and again..!!!

                    HaBebe KarenBE