ke ala hou

The Haleakala Waldorf Ke Ala Hou newsletter chooses an alumni for each publication.
RueBelle is honored by the article “Sharing Beauty” on designer Bella Rosa Resta.


Bella Resta is the owner of RueBelle, a very successful jewelry design and production company that does business primarily in Japan and Western Europe wholesaling to over 90 upscale boutiques. In seven years it has gone from no employees to eight employees who are busy all the time.  Bella has become fluent in French and travels to Paris twice a year attending the most recognized fashion week accessory shows.  Bella Resta is also a Haleakala Waldorf School alumni who attended HWS from the 1st through the 8th grades.

Bella exudes natural beauty, grace and calm.  On the day of our interview, she was dressed all in white, showcasing her jewelry, with a pink flower tucked in her hair.  She is comfortable and assured.  Bella attributes these qualities and her love for beauty in part to her Waldorf experience.  At HWS she was surrounded by the beauty of the stunning campus and classrooms, the high quality, natural materials used in class work, and her experiences in the gardening program.  Today, she consciously creates a beautiful environment for her jewelry employees, knowing that it will inspire and delight them.  The production room in colored in Waldorf pastels, is open and spacious, and is adorned by fresh flowers brought in daily.

Bella describes her Waldorf experiences as “lovely, fresh, light, free, and spontaneous.”  She loved being at HWS so much that in her eight years she never missed a single day.  She did not realize that there were children who did not want to go to school until she moved on.  Some of Bella’s favorite memories of HWS include candle lighting and gardening.  She loved moving on each year to a new artistic medium at school, and in particular cites her expert lei making skills to the HWS May Day Program.  By fourth grade she was good enough to create the lei for the entire May Day court.  This is something she continues today.  “When a friend has a birthday they know they will get special lei from me.  I frequently stop by the side of the road to pick flowers, ferns, kaunaoa, or whatever I find.”

Bella says that at HWS she was surrounded by quality movements and sounds as well as visual beauty.  All of this plays out in her home and her business, and the way she shares her inner beauty with the world.  “Why not make everything beautiful?”  Do small things like bring in flowers or weave a lei.  Walk down the road and know your plants.”



As a business woman, Bella is “strict” and describes her approach much like HWS does-“freedom with structure.”  Bella says that she would not have enjoyed the success she has achieved without this balance.  She believes her business must be structures as well as beautiful.

It is the celebration of beauty she found at HWS that allowed Bella to flourish as an artist and it is the balance of the curriculum between the practical and the artistic that has left her a grounded, centered business woman today.  Bella truly fulfills her name in all ways, inside and out – bella…beautiful!

For over a decade RueBelle joyfully participates in the Haleakala Waldorf Holiday Faire.
Bella, being a Waldorf alumni stays connected with the community by designing
special pieces for the teachers, students, and loved ones who live here on Maui.
We can’t wait to see you there!
December 5 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm