Love story

The wedding of Jamie & Niccolo
By Jamie Porcella
We brought our best men and women to the secret beach early in the morning.
The ocean was so crystal clear the boats looked like they were floating above the water.
Everyone wore white and huge smiles. 
After we finished setting up, Niccolo and I gathered our friends around a sundial we made in the sand
and said a prayer of thanks and gratitude to the day and to each other.
We then gave each friend a gift of RueBelle …the jewelry was flawless like our scenery.
The green color of the chrysoprase gems were breathtaking on our friends newly tanned skin and shimmered in the sunlight.

The contrast of the stones and the Mediterranean Sea set the mood to our wedding, clean, pure, natural and delightful,
a moment in time we will wear with us always.





When my sisters and childhood best friends opened their RueBelle gifts,
each gasped with excitement and awe.
They put on their custom flower crowns, silk flower and opal earrings ..suddenly the whole wedding came together,
so romantic and elegant.
The earrings were playful yet sophisticated,
the perfect piece for my beloved friends and the perfect accent to my magical ceremony.




Bella also created necklaces for Niccolo, his brother Francisco
and all of the groomsmen of heavy chain and hand-cut chysoprase stones.


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photos by Luigi Corda |