Selecta Emma Haru at the Aloha Atelier




On her recent vacation to Maui, Emma Hirai visited the Aloha Atelier to play a selection of tracks for our listening enjoyment. Check out the playlist below.

Emma has worked as Head of Cultural Marketing for Radio Nova ( in France for over 7 years. Nova is an independent national radio station in France created by genius Jean-François Bizot in 1981. It is a musical radio based on the concept of the grand mix, in which playing good music no matter what genre of music. She has taken care of the promotion of artistic projects, musical media and producing events. Emma is currently residing in Los Angeles and supporting Dublab ( a non-profit web radio collective. It is devoted to the growth of underground and postive music, art and culture since 1999.

What attracted you to the music industry?
I always loved the radio business, it’s a very fascinating environment, so intimate and personal. I have been interested in every part of it, from promotion to programming and producing shows in Generations in France to now living in LA, I am attracted by media such as Dublab. Evolvong in the independent and sometimes very underground artistic worlds is what I like.

What keeps you inspired?
Staying curious about what is going on, nourishing myself with music, art, visual art and even fashion.

What is the importance of music in your life?
Music is my water, it keeps me hydrated and I can not live without it!

Where do you go to find music?
I find music in everything clubs, radio, blogs, record shops. I especially enjoy looking for old music in record stores and searching thru vinyl in the sale section. I score in that way! The rest of the time I listen to a lot of DJ’s mixes and exchange a lot with my friends. There is always a state of mind and you can express it with music. Music has to be shared!

What was your experience with RueBelle jewelry?
I am in love with RueBelle, It’s so unique and delicate, I wear my coral neckless everyday. It’s part of me now. I have been involved in the fashion industry in both France and Japan but what I really like is to play with it. Putting on clothes like a fancy dress or a costume. You wear the dress, make-up, and jewelry to have fun and I definitely find this spirit in RueBelle.  (See Emma’s favorite coral necklace here)

Did you have fun with Rudy and Bella while on Maui?
I had the best time on Maui with Rudy and Bella, we love each other, it’s natural! For me, Rudy and Bella, are the most glamorous and creative couple ever, they are my ambassadors on Maui and they definitely know how to party! I like to have fun with art. I take it as entertainment even if it is something very intellec

Did you enjoy visiting the island of Maui?
I had the most delicious experience on Maui! The island is wonderful and full of amazing people. I am coming back in July, so I certainly will be back at Ruebelle’s Aloha Atleier. I have loved everything about Maui, the nature is so amazing, beautiful and so powerful. I am stoked just to look at it. I feel blessed and grateful! Just going to the beautuful beaches with my friends and hanging out at Rudy and Bella’s pretty house is the perfect day for me.

Rare gems only found on You-Tube.