Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Stunning unique shade this hue…
blue-green or greenish-blue

so lovely is this tone…
such a spectacular sea stained view…



The stone of spiritual attunement and truth.



    Tibetan Buddhist hold turquoise in the highest regard, saying that it gives life and breath to the Earth and its creatures.. that it is one of the protectors and guardians of the body and soul.
If seen in your dreams, the gem foretells prosperity..and if worn, turquoise will gently urge the wearer to seek out answers and knowledge.


Discovered in the arms of Queen Zar, the early Egyptians were first to know the beauty of this unique stone.. so greatly admired, their goddess Isis was called Lady of the Turquoise.
There is only one mine left in the world of sleeping beauty turquoise.. by virtue of its rarity, this pure sky hued stone is looked upon as a precious gemstone.