" The Brand "

RueBelle is a collection of jewelry and accessories that embodies the natural chic of the island Maui and the city jungle love of Paris.
Always truthful to the original Vision.
The beauty that is constantly surrounding our island inspires us every day, every second. Whether it’s the mist spraying off a northern wave or a flash of prismatic light on the edge of a glass.
We are the Rainbow.

" Then: the spark "

It was the wind and waves that brought French man Rudy Castorina to the island of Maui, Hawaii. Here is where he met local jungle bird Bella Resta. Chic Paris meets colorful beauty of Hawaii. A combination of true light. The two sparked a bond that continues to travel throughout the globe today. Shortly after meeting each other, Bella began designing one of a kind jewelry. Big Hawaiian corals, shells, quartz, onyx, strung together as love statements. Rudy photographed, filmed and gave life to the artistic vision of Bella and together they decided to share these unique pieces with Europe. As one they made their way across the sea to a place of elegance, the south of France.

The aura that surrounded the two was enough for people to stop and stare. Before they knew it stores and shop owners where asking to buy
their layers of necklaces right off themselves,
thus starting the beginning of Ruebelle:
Traveling romance then and now.

" Now: Aloha Atelier "

 Somewhere between the light breeze and miles of ocean lies our RueBelle Atelier. Natural light weaving through hibiscus vines is where these precious gemstones are brought to life.
Each aquamarine, opal, sapphire...are hand selected embodying true Hawaii.
Our place of creation is native plants, sparkling sunshine, and light rain. Each RueBelle piece is dipped in these beautiful and tropical moments.
From here is where we share with you and the world,
the spirit of aloha. 

" Forever: Towards more sustainability "

 By definition sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and this is what it means for us. Hawaii is our home, Hawaii is our spirit. It is so important to us to stay truthful to this “Mana” (Mana is a foundation of the Polynesian worldview, a spiritual quality with a supernatural origin and a sacred, impersonal force), which is why you will find only locals in our RueBelle Atelier. Women of the island. We talk stories, we listen to songs, we speak in native tongues as we select gems and transform them into Wearable Art.
Gemstones hold and carry many great energies between their colors so it is extremely important to us to put only love into each gem selected. All of our stones are carefully and ethically sourced. We are proud of where we come from so respecting the environment as well as being socially responsible are some of our top priorities. We refuse to work with any gems from irresponsible mines that undermine human rights or that are harmful to the environment.
This world is a gem, we chose to honor and protect it, as we hope you do too.

" Bella "

Born besides the paklan tree, raised by artists and poets, RueBelle’s visionary designer Bella Rosa breathes in all that is earth. Her essence is Gardena, her spirit is grace. Originator of the silk flowered earrings, she is a child of the islands. Prisms, gold, vintage lace, kimonos, moonrise and orchids are all bits of her. She is RueBelle, as are her children.

" Always truthful to the original Vision.
We are the Rainbow,
A traveling romance then and now,
Sharing the spirit of Aloha-Atelier
into Wearable Art.
This world is a gem, we chose to honor and protect it,
as we hope you do too "