August 27, 2018


Introducing our first article of the Hawaiiana series,
where we will share with you the essence of the culture,  tradition,  &  mysticism of Hawaii.
by Tasha Golberg, Piero & Bella Resta 
 Deep in the folds of a kaleidoscope of greens, we find the Aloha Atelier,
surrounded by a jungle of flowers and vines, in a vision of clouds,
sky and the Pacific ocean. It is here, in this ecologically sound sanctuary,
that the RueBelle collections come to life following
the tradition of lei making, believing that pure energy
can infuse the jewelry and spring forward a true beauty.
Since ancient times lei have been exchanged as a symbol of love,
a representation of the spirit of Hawai’i,
the lei is so immense in the fiber of daily life
that in all occasions it portrays the “Spirit of Aloha”,
the exchange of vital force so needed
to be in harmony with our surrounding and ‘ohana or famliy life style.

O ka lei hi’iaka mea ho’okahi He Kahiko nou mai keia ‘aina aloha mai

The lei is a reflection of oneness,
 from this loving land,
an adornment of you.



In the mythological tales of hula, it is the lei that unites the dancer to the
kino lau,or life form, of the deity.
By wearing a RueBelle piece,we invite you to a place of Aloha
and into our story of love.

At RueBelle we take great pride in selecting the very best stones,
as a master lei maker takes great pride in the harvesting of the plants,
all stones are cut to a specific design, creating a pattern of light
that will spark harmonious and delicate energy.
Just like the very best lei,
reminding us that we are surrounded by everlasting beauty,
we invite you to a place of Aloha and into our
story of l o v e.



Images from Nā Lei Makamae by Marie A. McDonald & Paul R. Weissich
Poem by Pualani Kanaka’ole Kanahele




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