August 27, 2018


entering the hour of sapphire…
Created by the life giving milk of the Goddess.
Sapphires have come into existence from the last drop of the
elixir of immortality.  Ruled by the God Apollo these rainbow
hued gems are known as “The Stone of Stones”
Worn with adornment by Buddhist, trusting in sapphire to grant peace of mind,
happiness, as well as spiritual enlightenment. Hindus say that they are one of the mystical gems, intensifying communication with the Higher Self and spirit guides.
These stones of destiny bring good fortune in the most complete sense. Sapphires have
manifested to be extraordinary for meditation, sealing the entire aura,
aligning the body, mind and spirit, as well as stimulating psychic abilities and inspiration.
Channel internal psychic powers, transforming cosmic awareness with dreamy sapphire.
Rare sapphires are refreshed with every RueBelle season.  Double draped over the collar for ethereal romance.
Layering Venus as she rises from the sea foam, dangling sapphires over the heart.
There we will meet you in paradise..


A Babord Toute!
A Babord Toute!

May 07, 2019

Rosie Matheson X RueBelle
Rosie Matheson X RueBelle

January 23, 2019


November 13, 2018